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  • Magic Spell Candle Jar Gift Set


    This captivating collection of mini spell candle jars includes six scented candles that are ideal companions for spellcasting rituals. Whether used for candle magick or as alternative decor, this set makes a great gift for those interested in witchcraft and spellwork. Fragrances include Love (red rose), Protection (black opium), Friendship (floral), Prosperity (lavender), Happiness (white sage) and Luck (green tea). Paraffin wax. Approximately 15-hour burn time.

  • Astrology Wheel Crystal Grid Set


    This beautiful crystal grid features a detailed astrology wheel design, harnessing the energy of the 12 zodiacs to maximise the charge of crystals. A perfect gift idea for anyone getting started with crystals or for a keen collector. This set contains 12 crystals, the wooden grid and a instruction booklet presented in a matching bag for safe keeping.

  • Chakra Energy Candle and Crystal Gift Set


    Perfect for meditation and energy healing, this chakra candle and crystal gift set promotes balance and harmony through the combined power of light and crystal energy. The set includes seven chakra candles, each corresponding to one of the seven chakras. It also features a beautiful wooden candle holder and seven gemstones, each aligned with a specific chakra. Simply hold your chosen stone in the palm of your hand and focus on its soothing vibrations to release negativity and promote inner harmony.

  • Opalite Pendulum Divination Kit


    Unveil the secrets of the universe with the Opalite Pendulum Divination Kit. This kit includes a beautiful opalite pendulum, known for its ethereal glow and calming energy, making it a powerful tool for spiritual insight. The ceramic base showcases an intricate Flower of Life design with Yes, No, Maybe and Unsure answers to reveal your personal destiny. This kit is the perfect gift for someone who wants to explore the art of pendulum divination.

  • Glass Spell Jar with Recipe Booklet


    Whether it’s a spell for love, luck, protection or any other desire, this 20cm spell jar can be used as physical representation to help amplify energy and make manifestations a reality. Fill the jar with elements which align with the spell being created and store the jar somewhere as a daily reminder to help bring…

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    Large Moon Phase Alter Cloth

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    This cloth with all moon phases perfectly matches wiccans or any other person that is spiritually active. For witches, the moon has several meanings: namely, the embodiment of the feminine and the different phases. Many spiritual people attune important actions to the phases of the moon. On the rug you also see the Flower of…