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  • Astrology Wheel Heat Change Mug


    Add a touch of celestial magic to your morning cuppa with this extraordinary heat changing mug. Watch as the heat gradually illuminates a gold Astrology Wheel design surrounded by twinkling stars on this black ceramic mug. 500ml capacity, dishwasher safe, not safe for microwave.

  • Astrology Wheel Earring and Necklace Set


    This celestial jewellery set includes a pair of dainty starburst earrings and a matching astrology wheel pendant necklace. Perfect for those who keep their star signs close and feel one with the cosmos, this gift set is a meaningful token representing the vast universe and its infinite power. Nickel-free.

  • Astrology Wheel Crystal Grid Set


    This beautiful crystal grid features a detailed astrology wheel design, harnessing the energy of the 12 zodiacs to maximise the charge of crystals. A perfect gift idea for anyone getting started with crystals or for a keen collector. This set contains 12 crystals, the wooden grid and a instruction booklet presented in a matching bag for safe keeping.

  • Astrology Card Gift Set


    This set of 38 astrology cards will guide you through the process of reading your astrological chart and understanding its hidden meanings. Each circular card includes detailed information about each zodiac sign including its ruling planet, personality traits, compatibility and elemental symbol. Whether given as a gift or used for personal self-discovery, this card deck is a valuable tool for interpreting the deepest corners of one’s inner self.

  • Wishstring Starsign Bracelet Card


    “Make a wish Make a Wish, tie on the bracelet, when the thread wears thin and breaks away, your wish will come true so they say! Each Tibetan Silver charm is hand strung and knotted on 30cm of the finest waxed cotton cord, making a beautiful simple bracelet to tie on as a token of…

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